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Notify in title

Notify Easily send and receive messages
Size: 1.83MB
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change message notification send message notifier Notify  
Notify of New Notify via email of new or modified files
Size: 147 KB
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set notify Notify web to notify Notify Update  
Notify Plus Reated to help notifying e-mail user about new mail received. When using Notify+ it is not necessary to keep your mail browser - e-mail client open all the time.
Size: 1,816K
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mail mail archiver mail classifier Certified Mail  
I.P. Notify An I.P. address is a piece of information collected by all web servers.
Size: 2.13MB
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microsoft spider solitaire windows xp audio file explore  
RSSCloud Notify A simple Windows Live Writer Plugin for pinging an RSSCloud server.
Size: 359 KB
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plugin ping server Windows Live Writer Plugin WLW  
Outlook Notify Email notification utility for Outlook.
Size: 505 KB
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email notifier check email Notify email notifier  

Notify in tags

xPassword An Active Directory tool used to notify users via email that their password is going to expire
Size: 517.57K
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notification password receive email Active Directory  
Petrified Phone Messages Easily notify the people in your office of missed phone calls via e-mail
Size: 329.5K
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call Notify missed call mail notify send mail missed  
Delivery Waitress Enables you to turn your own computer into a self-listening smtp server
Size: 970 KB
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notifier Notify email notifier deliver receive mail  
My Top Friends Notifier Get notifications in your desktop that include profile comments and private messages.
Size: 383 KB
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chat Notify IM IM notifier chat notification  
Internet Notification Internet Notification is a free utility for internet connection detection
Size: 537.11K
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connection notification detection Notify GMail Notification  
MailMan A nifty Mail notifier extension both for Internet Explorer and Firefox
Size: 1 MB
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email notifier Firefox extension Notify check mail  

Notify in description

Live Gold Prices [b]Live Gold Prices[/b] will Notify you. With this tool, you don't need to keep looking at the gold price. Key Features: Notify you when the gold price changed. Notify you the change by email. Show th...
Size: 474KB
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grain surgery 2 mx newsletter for free video conventer  
Notify of New Notify of New allows you to notify via email regarding new or modified files. If your business is selling software, let us help you keep your buyers informed of new releases, updates, bug fixes and mo...
Size: 147 KB
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set notify Notify web to notify Notify Update  
Notify Firefox Add-on Notify Firefox Add-on will notify you when a selected webpage changes it's content
Size: 42 KB
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change set notify notifier Firefox extension Notify  
Softgroup .Net Notify Message Net Notify Message is a fast, small, lightweight and enhanced implementation of .Net MSN Messenger-like notification window. To use Softgroup.Net Notify Message simply add .Net Notify Message componen...
Size: 526.77K
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notification Publish Notification desktop notification  
NotiPage Main features: [ul][li]Can Notify you when the access to a distant server is impossible[/li] [li]Can notify you when a monitored webpage has been updated[/li] [li]Can notify you when specific words ar...
Size: 947.93K
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tracker website Notify website monitor website tracker  
OpenNotify OpenNotify is a program designed to display a notify message near system tray. This application might be useful for the developers that would like to integrate this notify system on your projects.
Size: 7 KB
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viewer view display display notify message